DGPs submissions accepted!

This year the DGPs conference is coming up again and our chair is represented in large numbers!

We are looking forward to presenting our topics in Vienna.

Dominik Kemmer: “What do I write in the discussion section? – How to use presuppositional reflection as a meta-method for theory development and methodological reflection” (pre-conference workshop)

Julia Schmidbauer: “The role of a leader’s extraversion for their well-being and behavior when leading at a distance. A diary study with manager-employee dyads” (Research Talk)

Dr. Kyra Göbel: “Clear in the head despite data chaos? Individual support through assistance systems in coping with complex work tasks” (Research Talk)

Sara Bergmann: “Experienced ambivalences in middle management positions: An interview study in a fast-growing organization” (Poster)

Sara Bergmann: “Do women and men react differently to digital control? A longitudinal study on well-being” (Research Talk)