Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology

Work and Organizational Psychology focuses on the analysis, evaluation and design of work activities of individuals and teams in organizational settings. The main purpose of Work and Organizational Psychology is to improve quality of work life by (1) enabling workers to perform well, by (2) protecting and promoting workers’ safety, well-being, and health; by (3) stimulating learning and personal growth – throughout the entire working life.



Work and Organizational Psychology is a field with both a strong scientific base and an applied orientation. At the FAU, Work and Organizational Psychology is research-oriented and aims to get a deep understanding of complex psychological processes underlying different aspects of work performance and to enhance individuals´ well-being at work. We use and train various empirical research methods such as qualitative interviews, experience sampling, diary studies, longitudinal field studies, and experimental research. Based on empirical evidence, we design workplaces and develop training and coaching interventions.

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