Oliver Watzal, Dipl. Pedagogue (Univ.); Dipl. Social Pedagogue (FH)

Systemic Transactional Analysis Institute


On the person:

Dipl. Pedagogue (Univ.), Dipl. Social Pedagogue (FH),
Teacher for Systemic Coaching (DGSF),
Teacher for Systemic Supervision (DGSF),
Teacher for Systemic Therapy (DGSF),

Systemic Coach (DGSF & ISB),
Systemic Supervisor (DGSF & HSI),
Systemic Consultant and Therapist (SG & DGSF)
Transactional Analyst (DGTA), certificated Mediator (DGTA)




Systemic- Transactional Analysis Institute & Praxis
Coaching & Supervision
Transactional Analysis & Training
Single, Couple and Family Therapy
psychological Counseling & Mediation
systemic Education and Training